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Wills & Estates

Red feathered pen on wooden table with the words Wills and Estates to the leftPassing money and assets from one generation to the next, before death or after, is a big part of financial mobility and security. This section provides financial planning information for families.

Adding an Adult Child To Your Home Title

Many parents are tempted to add their children to their home title’s before they pass on. This article explains why this may not be a good idea.

Is It Better For Parents To Bequeath A Home Instead Of Gifting It

Financial expert Liz Westin explains why bequeathing a home is a much better idea than gifting a home.

Mistakes In Deeding Property To Children

How to save money on taxes when it comes to transferring property to children.

Giving Money To Adult Children

All the reasons why giving money to your adult children is not a good way to help them.