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We’re tremendously proud of our clients, many of whom have overcome tremendous odds to pay off their credit card debt. Below are a few success stories to inspire you. They show the light at the end of the tunnel and that credit counseling is the first step to becoming debt free. Don’t get ripped-off by for-profit debt help companies. After reading these client reviews, you’ll see that non-profit debt management programs are an effective path to paying off your debt.

Graphic of man cutting through debt

How Mike Bell Paid Off $18,000 in Credit Card Debt

Mike Bell has been through some battles in his life – literally and figuratively –and he just won one that’s a story worth telling.

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Tina Bright and family

How Tina and Eddie Paid Off $24,000 in Credit Card Debt

Everyone knows that debt is an unacceptable subject in polite circles, especially if you’re the one not paying the bills.

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Good Credit Score Displayed on Computer Screen

How I Raised My Credit Score 200 Points in a Year

Jeromy Arroyo credit score at the time was “somewhere in the 500s” and nobody wanted to offer him credit. So he went online and searched for help. He found InCharge’s Credit Report Education.

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Military Matt with family who used InCharge services to help payoff their debt

How Matt Paid off $23,000 in Credit Card Debt

Holladay and his wife Denae had $23,000 in credit card debt and owed another $10,000 on an unsecured personal loan. They were both working and trying to keep up, but the best they could do was minimum payments. The interest alone on the debt was eating them up.

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Women shopping and paying with credit card

Leave the Credit Cards at Home: How I Paid off $32,000

“I was a single Mom and when you’re out shopping and see something you like, you tend to put it on a charge card because you think you really need it.  Turns out, I didn’t really need that stuff.”

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Aftermath of Debt - Women fixing broken piggybank

Surviving a Husband’s Death and the Aftermath of Debt

The floor under Alice Stephens’s life collapsed on Christmas Eve, 2010, when her husband of 34 years, Phillip, died of a sudden heart attack. Suddenly a widow, she was deeply bereft and completely unsure what to do next.

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I paid off $35k - Happy to be debt free

How I Paid off $35k in Four Years

Sometimes little things are printed on receipts, and they add and add, until one day a molehill of receipts turns into a mountain of debt.

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Women Debt Free Jumping

Debt Free After 40 Years of Credit Card Debt: How Rita Robyn Paid Off $74,000 in Less Than 5 Years

Rita Robyn reviews the InCharge Debt Management Program and explains how she paid off $74,000 in credit card debt (27 credit cards) in less than 5 years.

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30k Client Success

How I Paid Off $30,000 In Credit Card Debt

Jason Probus doesn’t seem like the type of person who’d wake up one day and suddenly realize he’d buried in debt. He’s a planner, all the way back to high school when he signed up for the Air Force’s delayed entry program.

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How I paid off $18,000

How I Paid Off $18,000 in Credit Card Debt

How Don Cobler triumphed over credit card debt and divorce, paying off over $18,000 by lowering his interest rate with an InCharge debt management program.

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Ron Hart at his desk in the office

How Ron Hart Paid of $29,000 in Credit Card Debt

The average American family with credit card debt owes $15,191, which made Ron Hart an above-average American.

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Kim Smith family sitting on sofa

How My Family Stopped the Debt Cycle: Paying off $35,000 in 4 years

Kim Smith shares her debt repayment story with InCharge; How she paid of $35,000 in debt in 48 months and taught her kids to live without credit cards.

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44k Client Success

I Paid Off $44,000 In Credit Card Debt

In early 2013, when they faced what seemed like hopelessly grim credit card debt, Joe and Stephanie Dorsch made a decision. She typed “debt consolidation companies’’ into Google and that led to InCharge Debt Solutions.

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17 Credit Cards Paid Off

She Paid Off 17 Credit Cards … And $21,000

Jackie Bryan could have paid off the last of her family’s $21,000 credit card debt six months ago, but she and her husband Jason decided to stick it out to the end of the 48-month process.

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Credit Cards Paid Off

After Paying off $65,900 on Credit Cards, He’s on Pay-As-You-Go Plan

Joe Forte celebrates the fact he eliminated $65,900 worth of credit card debt and wonders if his struggle to achieve fiscal sanity will wake up anyone in similar circumstances.

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Joanie Asmus

How this Single Mom Paid off $18,000 with InCharge

Asmus problems included going through a divorce; suddenly becoming a single mother supporting three children; trying to make mortgage payments and pay off $18,000 in credit card bills while working three jobs.

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Ron Hynson and Wife

How to Tell Your Wife You are $40,000 in Debt

Ron Hynson carried a secret for years. It kept him up at night and soured his happy personality, but he wouldn’t share it with anyone.

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Robin paid off her debt

Family Conquers the Debt Management Program

Four maxed-out credit cards, auto and mortgage debt plagued the Geller Family, but when a ‘no money down for 2 years’ furniture purchase came due, they knew they were over their heads. Find out how they used the debt management program to regain their financial independence.

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How I paid off $18,000

How I Paid off $10K & Raised My Credit Score Above 700

For Robina Way, life has taken an unimaginable turn. She’s leasing a beautiful new car. She’s working steady. She has health insurance. She’s debt free. And that’s where she plans to stay.

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Michele Allen standing in client home working to pays off her debt

How Michele Conquered $7,000 in Credit Card Debt

Imagine the commotion in a household with five children ages four through 23, run by a single parent who is working three jobs to try and make ends meet. 

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