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Illustration of man kneeling down while carrying box full of credit card debt

Paying off $50,000 in Credit Card Debt

By Joey Johnston | June 17, 2021

Running up $50,000 in credit card debt is not impossible. About two million Americans do it every year. Paying that bill? Well, that’s not impossible either, though it is considerably…

Graph increasing and decreasing

Should You Be Investing While You Are In Debt?

By Joey Johnston | April 28, 2021

The stock market is setting records every week, which creates a real temptation for people in debt. Every time you turn on the TV there are ads for everything from…

Hands counting extra income earned from a side job

19 Side Jobs to Make More Money

By Tom Jackson | March 29, 2021

Money is tight – we get it. But thanks to the internet and technology, it’s easier than ever to make a few extra bucks from the comfort of your own…

Man holding credit card that is weighing him down.

How to Get Out Of Credit Card Debt

By Pat McManamon | September 16, 2020

Using a credit card is sort of like going down one of those tall slides. It’s fun. But then at the end the ride ends and the climb back up…

Money on weighing scales with judges gavel next to it

What to Do If You Are Sued For Credit Card Debt

By George Morris | July 23, 2020

Learn Your Options if Sued for Credit Card Debt Debt has consequences, some of which will surprise the average American. For example, if you default on credit card debt the major…

Businesswoman sitting on stairs with box of belongings after being laid off

Unemployment and Credit Card Debt

By Joey Johnston | July 10, 2020

Choose Your Debt Amount Consolidate Debt in Minutes Handling Credit Card Debt While Unemployed A strange thing happened when the COVID-19 economic shutdown hit the United States — millions of…

Stack of bills payments that have been deferred

Beware of Forbearance and Deferred Payments

By Tom Jackson | July 2, 2020

If there’s an upside to the economic trauma brought about by the coronavirus pandemic — stipulated: we’re straining  for a silver lining here — it’s the number and variety of…

Upset businessman is standing and shackled in fetters in the form of a credit card

Managing Credit Card Debt

By Tom Jackson | June 22, 2020

Many of the things we love about credit cards — convenience, safety, tracking, rewards — are the same qualities that tempt us into overuse. Now comes the aha! moment when…

Paperwork with furlough stamp

How to Manage Debt While on Furlough

By Tom Jackson | May 7, 2020

Remember the good old days? Just a few long months ago, the economy was roaring and nobody outside Wuhan had ever heard about coronavirus. Now millions of Americans are in…

Pink Slip that reads Layoff Notice

What to Do When You Get Laid Off

By Tom Jackson | March 17, 2020

The American economy, pummeled by the COVID-19 pandemic, has been coming off the ropes since the end of 2020. Promising signs abound that growth will rise and unemployment will fall…