Debt Consolidation

Balance transfer credit card on scale

What Is a Balance Transfer Credit Card?

By Joey Johnston | September 3, 2020

Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by credit-card debt? You aren’t alone. According to a Bankrate survey, 30% of American households have more credit-card debt than money in savings. With the average…

If you debt keeps piling up, then you need to consolidate your debt to help become debt free.

Debt Consolidation Loans: How To Consolidate Your Debt

By Joey Johnston | August 4, 2020

About Consolidating Your Debt With A Loan If you have trouble making ends meet, if your stack of monthly bills is covering every inch of the kitchen table, if the money…

Family hands exchanging money

Borrowing Money from Family & Friends

By George Morris | July 16, 2020

Lending money to family and friends ranks near the top of the list of things that shouldn’t be done without careful thought. And what, you ask, ranks just as high?…

man managing his debt consolidation loans online

Online Debt Consolidation Loan

By Joey Johnston | March 5, 2020

What is Nonprofit Debt Consolidation? You don’t need a loan to consolidate debt. In fact, you can receive all the benefits of consolidation – lower monthly payment and interest rate;…

Medical Debt Money

Medical Bill Consolidation

By George Morris | October 10, 2019

If you’re sick of medical bills, don’t despair. There are cures for America’s medical debt epidemic, and what a plague it is. Americans spent more than $4 trillion on medical…

401k Nest Egg sitting on money

How to Take Out a 401(k) Loan

By Joey Johnston | September 18, 2019

Anyone who’s experienced financial need can relate to the temptation. You’ve methodically funded your company-sponsored 401(k) retirement plan year after year, never expecting to withdraw a dime until you kissed…

Consolidate Credit Card Debt Without Hurting Your Credit Score

How to Consolidate Credit Card Debt Without Hurting Your Credit

By Tom Jackson | September 6, 2019

Keeping up with your debt payments and, ideally, paying down what you owe, is a crucial aspect of your financial life. Staying current makes it easier to rent an apartment,…

Couple contemplating borrowing from life insurance policy

Borrowing from Life Insurance to Consolidate Debt

By Tom Jackson | August 30, 2019

When was the last time you considered your life insurance policy as a bailout for credit card debt? “WHAT?” Use an insurance policy to pay off credit card debt? Yes,…

Know your options for paying off your debt

Home Equity to Consolidate Debt

By Heather Eggers | August 22, 2019

That creaking, groaning sound you hear when you dare peek at the interest you’re paying on your credit card balances isn’t your imagination. It’s your financial roof threatening to cave…

Withdraw Money 401k

Should I Close My 401K and Withdraw My Funds?

By Tom Jackson | July 30, 2019

When American consumers take a whack in the wallet – like they did with the coronavirus pandemic in the spring of 2020 – asking for relief from their 401k account…