Wad of money stuck in the gas pump

How to Save Money on Gas

By Joey Johnston | July 21, 2021

We Americans love our vehicles and the many freedoms they provide us on a daily basis. Nothing is more convenient or reliable at getting from Point A to Point B…

Woman carrying shopping bags using her phone to buy items now and pay later

What Is Buy Now Pay Later & Is It a Good Idea?

By Tom Jackson | February 4, 2021

 Buy now and pay later is taking the market by storm, but will you be taken to the cleaners if you indulge in this online purchasing craze?  That’s all up…

Jar of Money Save for College

Best Ways to Start Saving for College

By Joey Johnston | November 20, 2020

If you have kids, or are planning to have them, saving for college is likely on your financial priority list. So are a lot of other things that seem more…

Budgeting for your baby

Budgeting For A Baby

By Joey Johnston | October 15, 2020

Whoever said children were priceless clearly never had any. Raising a baby to the age of 18 will cost $233,610, according to a 2020 forecast by the United States Department…

Save Money Grocery On Phone

14 Tips To Save More On Groceries

By Pat McManamon | October 9, 2020

It’s tough to walk out of a grocery store without feeling lighter in the wallet, especially if it involves buying for families and children. Business Insider reports that the average…

Retirement Calculator on table with a computer

How Much Will I Need to Save For Retirement?

By Pat McManamon | September 25, 2020

Retirement is a tantalizing idea. Wake up when you want, do what you want, travel where you want, relax, read, enjoy time with the family — especially the grandkids. After…

Comparing Internet Bill Looking To Save Money

How to Save Money on Internet: Free and Low Cost Broadband

By Joey Johnston | June 25, 2020

Free Internet You can qualify for a $50 free internet benefit from the federal government if you meet the following qualifications: Any member of your household is enrolled in SNAP, Medicaid,…

Scissors Cutting Your Expenses

How To Cut Your Expenses

By George Morris | June 25, 2020

If, like many Americans, you often have too much month at the end of the money, it’s natural to think about getting a better job or a side hustle. Not…

Put away money incase of an emergancy

Emergency Funds

By Tom Jackson | June 15, 2020

Emergencies happen. The entire world learned that the hard way with the coronavirus crisis. Millions of people also learned they were not financially prepared. About 40% of Americans don’t have…

Lower Your Mortgage or Rent

How to Reduce Monthly Mortgage Payments

By Tom Jackson | June 12, 2020

Even if you love your house just the way it is, chances are there’s one thing you wouldn’t mind changing: the size of your mortgage payment. Lower your mortgage loan…