Thanksgiving Turkey Money Saving Tips


Save money on your Thanksgiving Turkey by buying a frozen bird over a fresh one. Frozen turkeys are almost always cheaper than fresh ones & they taste just as good. Don’t forget to buy your turkey early if you do go with a frozen turkey. You’ll need three to five days to let it thaw.

Also, many super-markets offer FREE turkey deals in the month of November. Start doing your homework now to find out which of your local grocery stores will have have a free turkey deal.  So far, we’ve found that ShopRite is offering a free turkey, click here.

Bonus Tip:

Shop at Wal-Mart? Purchase a Jennie-O Oven Ready Turkey Breast  for $10.57 (regular price). If you use the following apps and coupon you’ll get the turkey for free!

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Turkey Coupons: 


Butterball Turkey