Debt Relief

Petition for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy paperwork

Getting Reorganized: Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

By Joey Johnston | November 28, 2018

Chapter 11 bankruptcy does for businesses what Chapter 13 does for individuals in terms of buying time to reorganize in hopes the business can turn things around and pay off…

Two people shaking hands over pile of coins

Debt Settlement vs. Bankruptcy

By Joey Johnston | September 11, 2018

Debt settlement vs. bankruptcy might seem like the definition of a financial dilemma — the choice between a punch in the gut or a sharp stick in the eye. But…

worried over bills

5 Ways to Reduce Financial Stress

By Tom Jackson | August 9, 2018

Feeling the squeeze from financial worry? Saying you’re not alone isn’t useful. Saying there’s professional help for your condition just might be the best thing this side of winning the…

Why Choose Certified Counselors

Working with a Certified Credit Counselor

By Tom Jackson | July 11, 2018

When you’re looking for financial advice, you would hope there are two things you can count on from the person on the end of the phone: They know what they…

DIY Pay Off Credit Card Debt

DIY Debt Consolidation: How to Consolidate Debt on Your Own

By Tom Jackson | July 2, 2018

Americans who carry balances month over month should be alarmed by the interest they’re paying: As the Federal Reserve persists in incremental hikes, credit card rates keep surging. But there’s…

Credit Card Debt Forgiveness

By Tom Jackson | May 24, 2018

Forgettable is not a kind word, but it’s the nicest thing Kevin Briggs can say about the year 2020. Briggs was a fabulously successful landlord with a six-figure income in…

get out of debt

How I Got Into and Out of $45,000 in Credit Card Debt

By Joey Johnston | April 12, 2018

Walter was one of millions of Americans financially swept under during the Great Recession a decade ago. Before the downturn, he and his wife owned a large home in western…


How to Be Successful in a DMP

By Tom Jackson | April 12, 2018

So, you’ve finally taken the big step and enrolled in a debt relief program. Now what? If you’re going to succeed, you’ll have to alter the lifestyle that got you…

myths spelled out with blocks

Debt Management Myths: What You Need to Know

By Joey Johnston | March 23, 2018

Debt management plans might be the most productive and least appreciated member in the family of debt-relief solutions that includes debt consolidation loans, debt settlement and bankruptcy. DMPs, as they are…

couple evaluating bills

Debt Consolidation vs Home Equity Loans

By Tom Jackson | March 23, 2018

There can be benefits to using a home equity loan to pay off credit card debt, including lower and fixed monthly payments. If you’re considering a debt consolidation loan, the…